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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch Promise House: Heather's Story.  Thank you to everyone who has discussed the film with their friends and family.  Your participation in this film means that you join the ranks of those fighting to raise awareness about mental illness and drug addiction.  For a limited time, the film can be viewed for free on YouTube by clicking on the link below.  If you would like to organize a public screening, please contact Krista Rowe directly at

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Meet Heather - she had everything going for her - the charmed life of growing up in suburbia,  brilliant, beautiful, loved.  So how did Heather end up destitute, living in a boarding home in Dallas, TX and taking more prescription drugs than she could even remember?  Promise House: Heather’s Story investigates the complex relationship between mental illness and drug addiction through the story of Heather and the other women living at The Promise House Boarding Home.  It’s an intimate look into the unraveling of the American dream, the root cause of severe mental illness, and the struggle for recovery from opioid addiction.

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